October 22, 2010

Must bring everything with me...

Eliot has this new behavior of carrying around SO many toys and things in his hands and arms. As many as he can carry, and more. Stuffed animals, little fishies, fly swatters, pens, balls, trucks,.... He's constantly dropping things because he can't carry them all.

If we're leaving the house, he starts collecting things in his arms to take. "Take pen! Take ball! Take ___!" And I ask him to put them down, and he does, and then looks for other things! It is working alright to limit it to one thing, but letting him take nothing kind of results in a meltdown. It's like he HAS to hold something. It's interesting.

Okay, soon I will post about the new baby. And maybe a prego pic of me. New baby has not received much in the way of blogging attention.


brenna said...

Get him a backpack. He can carry all his stuff without dropping it and spend hours putting it in and taking it out of the bag.

Natalie Henry Bennon said...

Great idea! I have considered this and thought he WOULD definitely enjoy a backpack.