November 02, 2010

Second time around the block

So, I haven't posted much about being pregnant. Much less have I posted pictures! Isn't this one cute? Eliot likes to snuggle with the "baby in Mama's belly." Occasionally he lifts my shirt up over my belly and lays his head on it. Most times he just does it with my shirt down. Yet another example, though, of a mother's body not being her own, for awhile at least, but rather mostly belonging to her children.

Today I am 31 weeks and 3 days pregnant, says my midwife. And mostly my body feels like it belongs to this new baby. This new baby is creating a lot of hormonal fluctuations. On some days, if it's combined with a poor night's sleep, I am crying for most of the next morning (someone told me the girl fetuses create more estrogen and make you more hormonal during 3rd trimester...). This baby is also causing some short-term memory loss. For example, it has taken me five days to recall the word "fluctuation" (as in, hormonal fluctuations). Also, yesterday, I had scheduled time with some women to come over with their kids and I was going to teach them how to make lotion; I completely forgot, and left the house for several hours with Eliot. They were waiting at my front door. I felt like such a jerk. I never showed up. I also am out of breath often, walk quite slowly, and get faint walking up the stairs. And sleeping has become difficult: my back gets sore; I get leg cramps; I need more sleep overall; etc.

But overall this pregnancy is going well. I have gained a little less weight than last time, but still plenty enough. The baby is moving a lot. His/her head is down and the midwife says it will probably stay there. And just generally everything seems fine. I'm not sure what else to write for this baby to read when s/he is older!

Also, our very, very sweet, kind neighbor (Yann) said he would take a day off of work to watch Eliot when the baby comes. So nice. Yann and his wife and daughter will be mostly home during the holidays (except a few days in Eugene to see family around Christmas day, but otherwise home), so this should work out well. We have a couple other friends in town during Christmas too, plus our nanny, and our backup nanny... so I think we will have the support we need in terms of having someone to care for Eliot whom he knows when the baby comes. And, sweet sweet grandgodmother Mamie has booked her flight for mid-January to come be with us and support us after baby comes and Brady has to go back to work. This makes me feel very loved, and since I am hormonal, also a bit teary-eyed (happy tears though). I feel very blessed to have Mamie in our lives.

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Jen said...

How did this no pop up on my Google Reader! Err...good thing you posted again so I could see this one. Cute picture. Cute belly. Love the Halloween costume as well. He'll be a soccer fan for life :) Have a good weekend!