November 29, 2010

The $6 date night, $100 date night, and $160 date night

Date night. We get them every once in awhile. One time, early in the summer, we had our nanny come over on a Saturday night ($40), we went to dinner ($40), and we saw a movie ($20). And I said to Brady, "Wow, we just spent $100 on date night. That seems ridiculous."

So, next time we did date night, we spent $6. Sort of. We had a week with a Monday federal holiday, when we would both be home (i.e., not working) and didn't need the nanny, so we asked her to come Saturday night instead - so I count that as free, since we would have needed to pay her anyway. Then, I packed a picnic dinner; we biked to the park; we ate dinner in the park; we played a board game; and we biked to a nearby moviehouse for a $3 movie. Total spent: $6. And just as fun! Although a little more difficult to pull off in winter.

The most recent date night we went on cost us about $160 (actually, $180 if you count breakfast the next morning too). Our friend Travis came over and spent the night at our house so we could go out on an OVERNIGHT date night. A spousal slumber party. We stayed at a local, chic hotel that's not too spendy ($100 total), ate dinner out ($50), went out for a drink (Brady drank; I had club soda; $10), spent the night in the hotel and BOTH GOT TO SLEEP IN (sort of; since we weren't in our own really comfy, familiar bed, we only really slept until 8 am); and then ate breakfast out ($20). Total: $180. And it was worth it.


Emma said...

Thought you might like to know about my site - We were in exactly the same boat as you, wanting to do date night every week but blown away by the amount of money we were spending, especially in the lead up to our wedding when we needed to save.

So we came up with a $30 limit for every week. Then we made a list of ideas we could refer to when we were going out... and then we put it on the internet. It's free to use, we just thought we should share it with other couples. Hope you like it!

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