November 05, 2010

Halloween 2010

Eliot was a Mexican soccer player. He was going to be a pumpkin. We had an outfit my brother's wife sent. But then a friend of mine said her kid wanted to be a soccer player. And I thought, hm, Eliot has a Mexican soccer uniform already... .

So I talked to Brady about it. He said, "Let's ask him." Brilliant. So we asked him. He has no idea what Halloween is, but he knows what a pumpkin is, and he knows what a soccer player is.

Mama/Dada: "Eliot, do you want to be a pumpkin or a soccer player for Halloween?"

Eliot: "Soccer player!" he says, and proceeds to find a ball and start kicking it around the house and yell, "Kick, boom, goal!" Yes, he's been brainwashed.

A few days later...

Mama/Dada: "Eliot, for Halloween do you want to be a soccer player or a pumpkin?"
Eliot: "Soccer player!"

We asked him at least 10 times on different days, in different ways, and he always said soccer player. Once Brady asked him, "Eliot do you want to be a pumpkin for Halloween?" And Eliot said, "Soccer player!" So, okay! Soccer player it was. A Mexican soccer player. Sorry for the cruddy photo. My one decent Halloween photo (long, uninteresting story).

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