May 05, 2011

back to work

I started back at work, in the office, today. I have kind of an annoying schedule, but I chose it, based on what was least expensive for my child care/nanny options. Not to complain, but money is so tight, and Brady found out yesterday that the teacher he was hired to cover for for the year (she took a year off) is indeed coming back next year. So, Brady needs to find a new job next school year. Bummer. And he is last in line to get hired, since he is a temporary employee. Even though the principal (who is also the assistant superintendent for the district) said she would like to hire him and knows he is a good fit for their school and their kids, the rules are the hiring process is first open to teachers in the district, and then open outside the district. The worst part, though, is it's not open to teachers outside the district until late July. And he wouldn't get offered a position until August. And other districts are not necessarily on the same timeline, so he might need to accept another job elsewhere before he could find out if he could get a job in Portland. How stupid is that??? Maybe we should move. But, the grass is always greener. I dunno if he'd have better luck finding a teaching job anywhere else, either.
Anyway, the boys are doing great. Silas sleeps well, nurses well, poops well. What else is there? He's not perfect or anything. He's fussy sometimes. But he's a good little baby, and I am so much more relaxed with him than I was with Eliot. I wasn't even that wound up with Eliot, but I am just more easygoing with Silas. It's nice. Having two is not overall harder. Sometimes, at moments, it is definitely harder. But mostly it's just different. Silas is super cute, and I am enjoying his babyhood I think more than Eliot's b/c I was more sleep deprived with Eliot and more worried about making the "right" choices. This time, I'm not so concerned. And neither is Brady. Which is nice.

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michael said...

It's funny Nat, but what you describe completely fits the classic mold of parenting I once read about in the seventies:) Hang in. The shekels will flow once more and sooner than we think. I feel it coming.