July 27, 2011

"There was a person in my room lastnight"

Monday morning, when Eliot was eating breakfast, he told me, "There was a person in my room lastnight."
And I said, "Was it a dream? Did you dream there was a person in your room lastnight?"
Eliot: "No. There was a person in my room lastnight."
Me: "Okay, was it a real person or a pretend person."
Eliot: "A REAL person."
And I'm thinking, what?! Kind of weird. Okay, not a real person, I'm sure. But a ghost maybe?
Me: "Was the person a man or a woman?"
Eliot: "Uh, uh, uh, a woman!"
Me: "Huh. Did she say anything?"
Eliot: "No. ... She read the song book." (One of our books Brady has been reading to him lately).
Me: "Huh. Did she have yellow hair or brown hair?" At this point I'm thinking, damn, maybe it's the ghost of my mother and she came to read him a book. That would be something she would enjoy doing, reading to her grandkids.
Eliot: "She didn't have yellow hair OR brown hair. She just had hair."
Ok, fair enough. Ghosts might not have hair, or maybe it's all white, or maybe you can't tell hair color in a ghost. I dunno. Maybe it's not something he saw so much as felt. And then again, maybe this is just a game for Eliot. Or maybe it was a dream and it felt real to him. Or maybe it was a dream but it was still the ghost of my mother come to read her grandson a book. Who knows. But I like the idea. So I am choosing to believe it.

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