August 15, 2011

Conversations with a Subborn Non-Napper

Mama: It's time for your nap, Silas. You seem tired.
Silas: ga ga ga ba ba ma ma ma ma
(and 45 mins later)
Silas: Ahhh! Ga ga! AHHHH!
Mama: Silas, you're supposed to take a nap.
Silas: I don't want to take a nap. I took a long morning nap.
Mama: But you're supposed to take two naps every day. The experts say babies your age take two naps every day.
Silas: They don't know me!
Mama: But they know what developmental stage you're in. And at your age, biologically, you're supposed to take two naps a day.
Silas: Well, you can put me in my crib, but you can't make me take a nap.
(Done. In crib. Babbling unhappily the whole time, but not quite crying. So, after another 45 mins...)
Mama: Silas, you really aren't going to take a nap today?
Silas: Nope. Let's get some food and then go play!

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Stacy said...

Holy Hilarious!