August 31, 2011

Diaper Freedom

Eliot is diaper free! We're not even using them at night. He is doing GREAT! I am so proud of him. He rarely even needs a reminder to go potty. He just feels it coming, and he goes. If we're out, so far he'll tell me (although I try to remember to ask him more frequently when we're out). We tried underwear one morning, and that was confusing and led to accidents, so we are undie-free too. He's just going commando style under his pants or shorts. He can pull his own pants off and on (he can't zip up or button his pants after pulling them on, that that's ok, I'd prefer he didn't b/c without undies on, I'm afraid he'll zip something sensitive...). After I nurse Silas at night, I pick Eliot up, take him to the potty, he pees, then I put him back in bed and he goes straight back to sleep. Sometimes he has accidents at night, but so far only about half the time, maybe less, and that's okay with me. We have a wool mattress cover that keeps the pee off the mattress. And I like being completely diaper free; I think maybe it's less confusing.
The only complication is that we used to impress upon him that at bedtime, he has to stay in his bed. And he would. He never got out of bed. He would call to us if he needed us, or after he was awake in the morning. Now, we have told him if he needs to pee, he can get up and go. So, at bedtime, he comes out at least twice, usually 3-4 times, to go potty. He goes back to bed, but not before trying to come out and chat with us. We just keep it very boring and don't engage much with him. But it means he doesn't really fall asleep until 9 or 10 pm, which is too late in my opinion.

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