August 29, 2011

It's so Portland to nurse in a rain jacket

Many new things today. I rode my bike with Silas and Eliot in the bike trailer two miles to the 24-Hr Fitness, the nearest gym to us. I have a trial membership. Today was my first day bringing the boys. They did great. I swam. I worked out faster than I ever have since the boys were in the child care room and I wanted to make their first trip a short one (which made my workout less relaxing than it is otherwise, but whatever. I got to work out! Wow!). Eliot had a great time in the "Kids Club." They have a lot of crap including a TV that is on for one hour, then off for one hour, back and forth all day; plus video games; but Eliot was enamored by their climbing structure. It's like this two-story big thing to climb with a tunnel for sliding down, kind of like the type at McDonald's indoor playgrounds. Anyway, Eliot had a great time. And Silas did fine.
After I picked them up from the Kids Club, I sat with them in some armchairs to nurse Silas before we biked home. And this woman commented to me, "It's so Portland to nurse in your rain jacket. It's cute." She was sweet. It was amusing.
Then we biked home. Silas fell asleep in the bike ride home and then when home took a nice nap in his crib. It's hard to have a window of time big enough to bike with the kids to the gym, work out, then bike home because Silas is rarely awake for more than 3 hours. But I need to start exercising. It felt good. So I'm going to squeeze it in. And Brady wants to join a gym too and has been bugging me about it forever. So now that he has a full-time job again for the year (yay!), we are going to "splurge" and join a gym. Crazy that that is splurging.

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