August 17, 2011

Arizona vacation

We visited Brady's family in Tucson this month, and we had so much fun. We were there for 10 days, which was a nice long time, but we still wanted more. Eliot played and played with his cousins. And when they weren't there, he would say, "Where's my cousins?" They played hide and seek a lot, although Reed (age 3) and Patrick (age 3) Eliot didn't really get the concept of staying hidden... and then Avery (age 4) and Harrison (age 6) would just be like, uh, that's not how you play....

Silas also played a lot, and Harrison, the oldest cousin at age 6, loved Silas and really spent lots of time playing with him and just wanted to be near him. It was very cute. Harrison loves babies and is really good with them.

Here are pictures of Eliot bowling (his first time). He cheered and clapped enthusiastically every time he or anyone else rolled the ball.

Also here is Silas with Tope, that dog we/Brady's parents adopted in Mexico. She is still very happy in Tucson!

And a family photo with Brady's parents, siblings and their families, and us.

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