August 22, 2011


I wrote this email to my Dad that I figured should also be a blog post. It's a good update on everyone. =)
Eliot is potty training this week. It's going okay. It goes great when we're home and he's naked and awake. If he is sleeping, he has accidents; if he has underwear on, he forgets it's not a diaper and he has accidents. And we haven't ventured out of the house yet without diaper. It's only been 2 days. But tonight, actually, he was wearing a diaper while we were reading books, and he got up and said, "I have to go pee pee." And he did! Then after I left the room he got out of bed 3 times to go pee pee... but nothing came out. Just a ploy to get out of bed. And the last time he looks into the kitchen at me, "Mama what are you doing?" Me: "Nothing, Eliot, go to bed." We repeated this like 3 times until he ran to his room crying, "I don't want to go to bed!" But he did go.
Brady got a job for next year! He actually had 3 offers. But one of them is full time, permanent (meaning he is guaranteed a job next year unless there are layoffs; but he doesn't have to reapply next summer or anything) so he took that one. It's in Portland, working as a "literacy coach" at a high school. That means he will help other teachers incorporate more reading and writing into their curriculum. It's not his ideal job, but it gets him into the system as a permanent employee and he can more easily find a job he really wants then; and who knows, maybe he will really like this job.
Things are well with me. Work is busy and somewhat intense b/c my work is facing potential layoffs, so I have to rise to every challenge, which at the moment is hard b/c there are a lot of deadlines and I'm only working part time AND they said they can't afford to hire me full time. But they keep pushing the same amount of work on me. It's not really fair, but it's better than being unemployed, so I'll take it.
And Silas is doing well too. Not much to report. He is sitting up on his own. He is "army" crawling around on his belly (not yet up on his hands). He is eating lots of food. Still breastfeeding too. Sleeping well. And generally happy. He's a fun baby and very cute.

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